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App development

Do you have an idea for an app but not enough time or expertise to build it yourself? 

After signing an NDA, spend some time with an engineer at our Seef headquarters and begin designing your prototype. Once we have a clear idea of functionality and the components needed our team will work closely with our NY partners to turn your dream into reality.

Imagine, you can have a world-class app ready and in stores (Apple and/or Google Play) in a few months.


App training academy

Hack Arabia in partnership with New York's Turn to Tech is Bahrain's first and only mobile bootcamp that offers  comprehensive, project-based courses for iOS and Android app  development. 

Our immersive and part-time programs aim to produce  well-rounded software engineers who will gain a deep understanding of  mobile platforms and app development. By the end of our one month course you will have built a few apps, and have a fundamental understanding of how an app is developed.


App enterprise solutions

Do you own a business that needs to interface with the rest of the world? In today's market if you don't exist on a mobile platform then you don't exist.

Give us your needs and let us build it for you, our partners have decades of software development experience. Our local experts will work closely with you to design the optimal structure for your business, then send it to our team in New York for a rapid implementation. 

Whether you're a restaurant that needs delivery tracking or a shop that wants to sell online, we have the tools to put you at your customers' fingertips quickly and inexpensively.

App Training

IOS: Our next training course starts from the 20th of March until the 20th of April from 6-8 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at our headquarters in Seef. It is IOS based training (Apple) Only 20 spaces available, BD 499 per student. 

During this course you will develop an app while learning the fundamentals of app development. By the end of the course you will receive an attendance certificate from Hack Arabia and our NY partners Turn to Tech. More importantly, you will understand the fundamentals of app creation. Download syllabus by clicking on "IOS pdf" below for more information. (an apple laptop or pc will be needed during training)

Android: The Android training will start on the the 24th of April, 3 times a week 6-8 PM Mon/Wed/Sat evenings. Click on the link "Android (pdf)" to learn more. A regular laptop is also required for this course. Please sign up below to save your seat.


Business & Finance solutions

Are you a financial institution or bank? We can design a fully integrated app with web-based financial reporting, transfers, balance inquiry,  economic  impact modeling, sales portals, custom installation proposal engines and  credit application application processing platforms with security, customer support integration, anti-fraud and laundering detection modules including multiple level security protocols.

Retail creation

Need to open shop? Your app can have it all, including E-commerce shopping cart integrations, custom content management systems for product inventory, SaaS subscription platforms, accounting integrations management, payroll, performance graphs, and cloud based management platforms. 

Directive consulting

Besides designing awesome apps we also understand the pressure to succeed in a  market packed with competition apps of every shape and color. Allow us to advise you in the form and overall design we best think can launch you to success.

Payment portals

We create simple online portals to connect your app with banks, credit card merchants, Paypal, bitcoin, or any other form of payment you prefer. Make money? Easy

GPS integration

 You  can also empower your mobile app with real-time communications  and tracking through our GPS services. Track a delivery or send  instant messages and updates between employees on the road or notify  reps of up-to-the-minute delivery status on important packages. The  possibilities are endless. 

Interface Prototyping

A involve  professional UX/UI designer expert builds his work according to  central principles of usability, iOS and Android (Material design)   UI-guides (GUI - Graphical User Interface) and requirements of the  business.      

Meet the team

Hamed Fakhro

Hamed is an inventor, writer, speaker, real estate developer, and businessman. Founder of Hack Arabia, Hamed is the man with the vision to build it into the greatest technology provider in the Mena region. Hamed loves xbox, soccer, watching shows, and exploring the sea on his speedboat.

Aditya Narayan

Aditya  is TurnToTech’s co-founder and CEO, and now co-founder & partner at hack Arabia. He was a senior  technology executive at Marvel, and Head of Security Architecture at  Starwood Hotels. He was the founder and CTO of QCD Microsystems,  and has written many technology articles  published by IBM. Aditya loves solving math problems, tennis, spicy food and hiking.

Harish Shadadpuri

 Harish  is TurnToTech’s co-founder and CFO, and now co-founder & partner at hack Arabia. He has a long track record of  founding successful companies, as well as venture  capital investments. Most recently, he co-founded 1to1 Tutor  and has been instrumental in  growing that company from 200 students to 20,000 students. Harish loves  folk music, nature and sports. 

Harsh Ved

Co-founder of TurnToTech, and now co-founder & partner at Hack Arabia Harsh is a brilliant mind with one direction: Excellence. Raised in Dubai, sharpened in New York, Harsh's dream is to return to the Middle East and use his technological tools to carve out a niche with his name on it. Harsh loves Netflick n chill, squash, PS4, hot dogs with cheese and never misses a cricket match.

Albert Schweitzer

Training Emperor:  Originally from Venezuela, Albert now resides in New York where he discovered his gift of golden fingers and a diamond brain. He learned coding from TurnToTech and thus the Training Emperor was born. His natural instinct to teach is unrivaled, and he is the lead trainer in Bahrain. The demand for his time is high, and his classes full. If you apply now you may get a seat. Albert loves movies, exploring countries, caviar, and inventing apps.

Ezra Erani

Tech Lord: Born in New York, Ezra is rediscovering his Mediterranean roots in Bahrain. After learning code from TurnToTech he realized that he is a Tech Lord born to grace Bahrain with his technological prowess. Learning the impossible language of Arabic in university proved that his mind is insanely flexible, and those skills applied to coding will give our clients the magic touch found no where else. Ezra likes exploration, adventure, mountain climbing, sashimi, sheesha, and is a mind reader. 


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